We like to take your brand back to its absolute essence.

Blind Spot Planet is an independent creative agency, we believe that we can inspire people and influence on their life.

We build deep creative ideas based on strong platforms to help our clients build their brands and bring them closer to their target audience.

We always have a different angle to see the truth but we know exactly what the human’s needs are.

Our product driven by creativity to translate strategy with art tools to be meaningful to the consumers.

We are a full-service agency established in 2018 to specializes in all the things that amplify your brand strategy, marketing, branding, and advertising.

We’re here to craft branding and messaging to tell stories that can translate your vision and push your dreams into reality.

Ahmed Ali

Founder & Creative Director

With an experience of 12 years in the advertising field, He graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts 2008, Then he started his career as a Art Director and Creative now he spent about 12 years in the creative and design industry, Worked on many brands such as: Ikea, Halwani Bros. , Mountain View, Telecom Egypt “We”, Ahmed Tea, Zeego Chips, Clorox, Lino Oats, Rabea Tea, Sunbulah, Crown Biscuits, Royal Pasta, Venecia Blinds, Tamara.

Mai Khedr

Co-Founder & Associate Creative Director

Worked in the Advertising field since 2008, Mai has an experience in graphic design and creative field. Worked on many projects for brands like: Halwani Brothers, Sunbulah, Venecia Blinds, Lino Oats, Rabea Tea, Crown Biscuits, Royal Pasta, King Rice Oil.